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Zahava is a no nonsense hands on teacher who passionately wants her students to see, feel and be inspired with a life-long commitment to fitness through movement. She feels everyone inherently has the capacity to be cardiovascularly fit. You need not be born with a beautiful body but through correct alignment, technique and dedicated teaching skills measurable results are infact a must with Zahava.

When asked about her philosophy towards fitness, she responds by saying "give me your body, mind and spirit for three months and I will create a new and improved you – guaranteed!"

Why choose Zahava's Pilates?

  • Many years experience worldwide
  • Owning and running studios in Johannesburg and California
  • Pilates reformer + pilates accessories
  • Hands on correction for a full one and a quarter hours
  • Insistence on precision
  • Learn pilates breathing - more oxygen enables better functioning of muscles and strengthens heart and lungs
  • No two lessons are alike
  • Eliminate gym boredom with exercise
  • Pilates for Pregnancy
  • Member of and insured by Fit Pro UK
  • Brighton & Hove, West Sussex area
  • No cancellation fees
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Pilates Brighton

Pilates Brighton Hove

"Where will we find another Zahava! Sore backs and necks/shoulders are a result of our work. After 3 years with her careful and experienced teaching , we are new women !! Her lessons are our weekly treat, we love them!"
Rosa, 36 & Pnina, 46 - Cosmetologists

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